Inter House Dance Competition

Senior 15-Aug-2018

Participants: Students of Classes IX-XII
Highlight: Vayu House won the event and the audience enjoyed a lot.

Inter House Chess Competition (III to V)

Primary 11-Aug-2018

Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: The tournament was very competitive. Children played with good sportsmanship spirit and in a disciplined manner. They had a very good exposure to the different tactics required in the game.

Inter House Chess Competition (I & II)

Primary 11-Aug-2018

Participants: Students of Classes I & II
Highlight: The game was conducted smoothly. Children were disciplined. They got an opportunity to showcase their moves and build their confidence to play beyond school level. Vayu House emerged as winner followed by Jal, Agni, and Prithvi.

Fire on the Mountain (PS I & PS II)

Pre-Primary 25-Jul-2018

Event: Fire on the Mountain (PS-I & PS-II)
Participants: Students of Classes PS I & PS II
Highlight: Children enjoyed the game Fire on the Mountain. Everyone followed the rules of the game which was commendable. The children were happy as they all got to participate.

Colour Day (Montessori)

Pre-Primary 24-Jul-2018

Event: Colour Day (Montessori)
Participants Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children learned about the different colours and enjoyed doing squash painting.

Rath Decoration (PS I & PS II)

Pre-Primary 11-Jul-2017

Event: Happy Hour Rath Decoration (PS I & PS II)
Participants: Students of Classes PS I & PS II
Highlight: Children were excited and actively participated in decorating the rath. They used artificial flowers and care was taken not to use plastic flowers. Video of Rath Yatra was shown and the story was narrated to the children, which was followed by coloring activity. PS I Carnations and PS II Bluebells emerged as winners.

Bowling (Montessori)

Pre-Primary 03-Jul-2018

Event: Bowling (Montessori)
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: The children followed the instructions and played the game well.

Colour Day

Pre-Primary 20-Jun-2018

Highlight: Children were dressed in red, yellow, orange and green colored clothes. Children got food items of that particular color and also made a craft. Important facts related to colours were discussed and they recited a poem.

3 minutes to fame

Senior 17-Jan-2018

Highlight: All students enjoyed a lot. Mostly new students took part in this competition.

Wordsworth Quiz

Middle 02-May-2018

The Quiz enhanced their vocabulary, grammatical skills, and spellings through 6 interactive audio-visual rounds, with VAYU house achieving the 1st place.

cartooning workshop

Primary 02-May-2018

The workshop was meant for classes III to V. Basic cartoon drawings were demonstrated to them and they drew characters using the alphabet and numerical digits. They even had fun drawing the stick figures. Overall it was a fun loving activity for the students.

Cupcake Decoration

Pre-Primary 28-Feb-2018

Children of PSI and PSII thoroughly enjoyed the activity. They used a variety of ingredients to decorate the cupcake.

Grandparent's Day (Montessori)

Pre-Primary 27-Feb-2018

The children and the grandparents had a great time. The grandparents re‑lived their school


Literary Quiz Competition

Pre-Primary 31-Jan-2018

Children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed all the four rounds of the quiz. Vayu House emerged as winners followed by Prithvi, Agni and Jal.

Toy Making

Primary 17-Jan-2018

The students were supposed to create a toy out of waste items. They enjoyed the activity immensely as they showcased their innate talent.

Inter house Debate

Middle 17-Jan-2018

The speakers spoke well and were competitive throughout the event.

Cup Cake decoration

Pre-Primary 17-Jan-2018

Children thoroughly enjoyed the activity. They were looking forward to the activity and were prepared with beautiful quotes.

Choral Recitation

Primary 11-Jan-2018

The Choral Recitation was conducted amongst the 4 houses. Each house chose a poem and recited it. The props and costumes were used appropriately. The diction and intonation were in place bringing in rhythm to the poems. Overall it was a success and the students, as well as the teachers, enjoyed the event.